A hand-moulded facing brick that is more than okay

Dali is a hand-moulded facing brick from the Obscuro range of Nelissen Brickworks. The facing brick is non-perforated and sanded on five sides. Dali is provided with an oblong sloping groove on one flat side (frog, group 1). The brick has a rough structure with fine and irregular grooves in the sandy surface. The baking process of the Dali takes place in a gas-fired tunnel oven under a slightly reducing atmosphere.

The dark brown hand-moulded brick is formed by a homogeneous mixture of manganese dioxide with grey-red loam. The colour shades vary from grey-yellow and red-brown to black. All this in a certain proportion.

This hand-moulded brick of Nelissen Brickworks is made from Löss from Limburg, extracted from the plateau of Kesselt in the Meuse valley and revalued with raw materials from the Volcanic Eifel.