A full package for your home!


– XPS extruded fireproof polystyrene sheets for facades,

– EN 13501-1, Euroclass E fire rating

– for use in both New Buildings and Refurbishment of Old Buildings

XPS - extruded polystyrene sheets thermally pre-cut NUT-FEDER on the 4 edges, horizontally milled specifically for supporting exposed bricks on the grooves. Each sheet has 6 milled places for dowels. They are available in various thicknesses from 2-20 cm. They are CE certified.

  • – It is ATG certified
  • – Dimensions approx. 1.25 m x 0.60 m
  • – Available for 50 mm and 65 mm facing brick widths
  • – Very easy to use due to its light weight
  • – Very waterproof compared to other products.
  • – Lambda value of 0.035 W/mK (NEW 0.027 W/mK available on request).


They are ETA certified, have metal rod of specific thickness and lengths for each bearing wall (brick, concrete, BCA, itong, USB etc).


Casarock is a flexible adhesive, resistant to thermal shock and water. It is a special bonding adhesive for this polystyrene and for this facing brick.


EC and BENOR certified.


It is highly waterproof, frost-thaw, makes the seals watertight and is available in a wide range of shades from the Seifert range.


These are profiles for the beginning of facade work and are EC certified.

poza Polystyrene sheet is available in different thicknesses.
poza 4-edge polystyrene sheet in NUT-FEDER format eliminating thermal bridges.
poza Extruded XPS polystyrene of ISO FACADE thermosystem is ideal against moisture.
poza EPS expanded polystiren absorbs moisture.
poza Gluing adhesive.
poza Grouting adhesive available in different colors.
poza Grouting adhesive.
poza Dowels for fixing.
poza Dowels for fixing.
poza Apparent field and corner brick with 2 cm width.
  • XPS (extruded polystyrene) polystyrene sheets have the major advantage of being water resistant and can therefore be installed below ground level. This cannot be achieved with PUR, PIR or EPS (expanded polystyrene) sheets.
  • There are no thermal bridges due to the NUD - FEDER jointing of the polystyrene sheets on the 4 sides, without the need to fill the joint points, in this way the ISO•FAÇADE thermal system is a complete insulation envelope around the building.
  • There is no risk of colour differences on the facade, as the facing bricks are installed on site so that colour shades are optimised.
  • Screwed and screwed joints and watertight cover (no exposure of the dowel and therefore no risk at the joints!!)
  • The facing brick glues very well to the polystyrene plate of the ISO•FAÇADE thermal system + the perfect grouting ensures 100% perfect tightness of the whole thermal system.
  • Casaroc water-repellent bonding adhesive is specially adapted to the absorption degree of the facing brick panels.
  • The field and corner facing brick are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.
  • Easy application with technical support
  • High quality Seifert grouting adhesive
  • Belgian ATG certification
  • 10 years product guarantee
  • Complies with the standards laid down in the building material standard class D1 according to DIN 4102 (fire safety))
  • Huge power savings!

ISO•FAÇADE is a flexible product that can be applied to almost any surface. Depending on the load-bearing surface, we adapt our products so you can enjoy a perfectly insulated, carefree home.

Refurbishing project or a new building with maximum insulation efficiency = ISO•FAÇADE

Refurbishings: ISO•FAÇADE is perfect for refurbishings because ISO•FAÇADE is not a prefabricated product, any detail (e.g. arches over doors ...) can be incorporated into the installation process.

Wood skeleton: to clad wooden or USB facades you will need to consider fitting dowels and fixing adhesive. Thus the XPS polystyrene sheets guarantee a perfect adhesion.

Ytong and BCA: these blocks are usually used for refurbishing and new building construction and already have a high insulation value. Combined with ISO•FAÇADE this results in perfect insulation.

New buildings: Due to its adaptability, ISO•FAÇADE thermal system is successfully used in new construction. If we take the thickness of the wall as an example, you can create more space by applying ISO•FAÇADE thermal system, thanks to the exposed brick and polystyrene sheets you can make a thinner wall. Another advantage is that there is no need for a foundation on the outside of the wall, which means another saving on your budget.