White Sintered

Dams on your wall with a hand-moulded facing brick

The Rodruza White Sintered is a facing brick from the Rodruza range of Nelissen Brickworks. The Rodruza White Sintered is manufactured from Westerwald clay. This clay is extracted from the plateau of Westerwald, in western Germany. The non-perforated brick is covered with sand on five sides. The brick is available in „hand-moulded” (sanded, grained) and „wasserstrich” (not sanded, with smooth surface).

The sandy surface is adapted precisely to the baked clay. The product will be hot forged at high temperatures to obtain a good shard density. That way the facing brick is less sensitive to pollution. Through sintering, a white brick with brown and black shades is obtained. The suggested colour combination is obtained by means of a simple mix with yellow sintered brick at the construction site.
In accordance with the Dutch Standard NEN EN 771-1.