Old-Haspengouw Baekel

A hand-moulded facing brick with a classic look and feel

The Old-Haspenhouw Baekel is a hand-moulded facing brick of Nelissen Brickworks. The brick is part of the Baekelsystem range. This hand-moulded facing brick is made from Löss from Limburg, extracted from the plateau of Kesselt in the Meuse valley and revalued with raw materials from the Volcanic Eifel. The surface of these hand-moulded brick is reddish. Nelissen Brickworks obtains the typically outdated view through the wet, unbaked bricks with various admixtures. The used types of sand create a colour palette that rather varies to dark with white and black deposits on surfaces with red nuances. The way Nelissen Brickworks lets the shaping happen in the specially designed hand-moulding equipment ensures an extremely close resemblance with real recuperated bricks. The bricks have the same physical characteristics as the other bricks from the extensive range. The Old-Haspengouw Baekel has a rough structure and an irregular shape.

The exclusive design of the Baekelbrick is not only efficient, but also has an eye for the timeless beauty of the brick work, that way an ancient tradition is being saved. These new bricks, with a groove on one side, make it possible for bricklayers to create different brickwork bonds by turning the groove inward or outward. This makes the time consuming task of cutting and felling the bricks unnecessary.

Give your house, garden wall, fireplace or even your living room the authentic beauty of the ancient cross bond. The exclusive design of the Baekel Brick is an undeniable added value for your home and reduces the cost of traditional handcrafts at the same time.