A fiery brick

Etna is a hand-moulded facing brick from the Obscuro range of Nelissen Brickworks. This brick is made from Löss from Limburg. Nelissen Brickworks extracts this brick from the plateau of Kesselt in the Meuse valley. Then the brick is revalued with raw materials from the Volcanic Eifel. The non-perforated hand-moulded facing brick is sanded on five sides. Etna is provided with an oblong sloping groove on one flat side (frog, group 1).

The structure of the Etna looks rugged with fine and irregular grooves in the sandy surface. The baking process of these hand-moulded bricks is done in a gas-fired tunnel kiln under a slightly reducing atmosphere. By the homogeneous mixture of a precise proportion of manganese dioxide with grey-red baking Löss loam, Nelissen Brickworks obtains a purple-brown brick.